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BULAOHU outdoor fine camping tent rain proof sunscreen coated silver tent super large space 3-5 people camping tent

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  • Price: $103.968 ~ $108.3
  • The batch: 1 a batch
  • Service: ● 38 days of free credit ● Delivery within 48 hours
    ● A fast refund ● 7 days replacement
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    Commodity attribute

    Brand: Not Tiger

    Article Number: Outdoor Canopy

    Material : Polyester Cloth

    Size: Quicksand Gold

    Waterproof Index: Less Than 1000mm

    Shape: Square

    Product Display


    Away from the noise of the city, close to nature, embrace love and sunshine
    Give your body a break. Give your mind a break


    Come on stage at night, take a few friends,
    warm yellow light wrapped the tent, lying on the grass watching the movie
    Enjoy the cool breeze is very nice~


    Outdoor sense of home, large space in the tent, to meet the needs of many camping
    Tired lie down to rest for a while, so enjoy ~


    The fresh air came through the screen, carrying a faint smell of grass into my nasal cavity
    en ~ you can enjoy the cool breeze in summer without opening your tent


    Product Details


    Waterproof silver coated Oxford cloth


    Reinforce wind rope webbing


    In iron nail


    Foyer Velcro


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